Wimbledon – Why it was a success for more people than just Federer and Muguruza!

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Firstly, a big congratulation to both Federer and Muguruza on their Wimbledon finals’ victories! However, they were not the only winners on Sunday! There were many matched bettors around the country, including plenty of Heads&Heads members, who quickly realised that this summer, so far, has been anything but quiet.

In fact, the sheer pace set by the number of bookmaker offers has been almost overwhelming. It was then, slightly bitter sweet, when the Wimbledon offers came flying in from the bookmakers and the two weeks (especially the first) turned into a frenzy of profit!

Tennis is a strange sport when the bookmakers decide they all want to get in on the action. Strange, in that there are only so many outcomes that can be made to be the ‘triggers’ for reload offers. The result of this can be a huge amount of overlap. For example, bookmaker A on the Mens singles could say, ‘we’ll give a free bet if your selected match ends after 3 sets’ and bookmaker B on the same match could say ‘we’ll give you a refund if your selected match goes past 3 sets’.

Now, of course, there are other variables. But more importantly, there are far fewer than many other sports. As we said, this results in a huge amount of overlap, meaning that in just a few bets, you could (in many cases), cover 90% of the outcomes of any given match at Wimbledon.

So, if, as some of our members do, you had enough liability to cover multiple games in a day you could nearly guarantee yourself a profit in excess of £100 a day. In some cases, even more.

I asked a couple of our members to share their profits with us for the week. The table below shows just three examples, however, based on the forum conversations, there were many more.

Now, those numbers should need no further explanation! Truly remarkable two-week profit totals, during a time that many of the more cynical amongst us would designate the ‘quiet period’ for matched betting. What is very clear, is that our members have not starved in the absence of Premier League football.

So matched betting continues to thrive, even in the summer months. However, maybe in remaining time before the Premier league kicks back off, the cynics will be proved right. But I suspect they will be right for, at best, only 1 month and profits amongst Heads&Heads members will continue to rise!