Why do Bookmakers ask us for ID?

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If you are trying out matched betting and are new to gambling as a whole, being asked for ID by the bookmaker can be, justifiably, rather disconcerting the first time it happens. Hopefully, you’ll get the chance to read this short blog on why there really is nothing to worry about, unless you signed up with your first name as ‘Micky’ and your second as ‘Mouse’!

Many new to the ways of Matched Betting will mistakenly assume that this is the bookmaker attempting to identify them as a Matched Bettor. This is, in no way, the case at all. It is very simply the way bookmakers check you are who you say you are, you are over 18 and you’re not money laundering. Which, by the way, they are required to do by law! When we consider that it is the law for bookmakers to verify your ID, it is rather amusing to note how rarely this happens. Of course, not being ID’d does not mean the bookmaker is up to no good though! In most cases, it will mean that the data they receive from your registration form was sufficient to satisfy them.

Some of you may have been asked to provide ID in order to withdraw your winnings. Now, as slimy as this may feel, it is not actually the bookmakers trying to pull a fast one on you – although it could be suggested that they are using legislation to their advantage here. This is a common method for preventing money laundering and is usually used aggressively by bookmakers who have been on the receiving end of money laundering activities before. So, don’t take it personally if you find yourself in this situation.

What can we do, as Matched Bettors, to avoid ID checks? Well, unfortunately, nothing. It is just down to the bookmaker’s policy and nothing we do will influence this. However, we can be prepared!

Make sure you have images of any of the below stored and accessible at all times:

  • Photo ID – Driving Licence, passport (photo and cover page) or national ID card
  • Payment ID – This can be a scanned picture of the front and back of your card (make sure you remove or cover you card number apart from the last 4 digits on the front and the 3 digits on the back)
  • Proof of Address – Bank or utilities statement, council tax, phone bill etc. Needs to be dated within the last three months.

Having any of the above options to hand will mean a quick resolution to this query by the bookmaker.

Remember, they are not singling you out. This is a common occurrence for anyone registering with a bookmaker. Simply give them the relevant documents and get on with the offer!