Valentine’s Day –The most expensive day of the year!

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There are many quick-witted responses to “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”. Perhaps the best response I’ve ever come across was from a good friend, keeping a completely straight face while saying:

“I am taking myself out on a romantic dinner, sitting at a table next to a happy couple and proceeding to cry.”

So, if you are single this Valentine’s Day, feel free to take the above idea and run with it!

For those of you out there who are not quite extrovert enough to pull off the above, but still approach this day with dread. Let me share a story of a truly terrible Valentine’s Day date from a friend who will remain completely anonymous – in the hope that it will fill you with courage that your 14th of Feb cannot possibly be as bad.

Said friend had been slowly building up the courage to ask a girl, out for Valentine’s Day, that he’s liked for a very long time. Despite knowing her for a long time they were work colleagues and she never really talked about her personal life. Then, on Valentine’s Day, just as he was building up the courage to ask her out, she comes over to his desk and hands him a card. He excitedly opened it, only to find it was an invitation to her wedding……Now, I’d be lying if I said this didn’t make me laugh. However, let it serve as a reminder that statistically, it is almost impossible to feel as bad as my friend did on that particular Valentine’s Day!

Now, it will come as a surprise to no one, that being the owner of a matched betting company, who spends the majority of his time staring at odds, I’ve never really understood Valentine’s Day. It has always amused me how the price of everything, even vaguely connected, seems to triple and we all just play along with it. For example, I was walking down my local high-street today and noticed that the local restaurants all had various ‘Special Valentine’s Day’ menus, proudly displayed outside. The prices almost made me burst out laughing – and I was genuinely surprised that at the bottom of the menu there was not any advice on re-mortgaging your home to be able to afford this ‘special’ treatment.

It took all my self-control to supress the desire to buy a permanent marker pen and writing the URL of Heads&Heads at the bottom of all these menus, to help people pay for what is, arguably, the most expensive night of the year. However, it did give me a more rational idea. Why not bring back the biggest discount code to Heads&Heads Premium I’ve ever done for one week only. Afterall, there really is no better time to offer 60 days access to a service that makes our members (on average) £500 profit per month for just £2!

Plus, it has the added bonus of getting people to close the Tiffany’s jewellery website and instead join me on the 14th to bask in the comforting glow of risk-free profit. Although, I will take no responsibility for the reaction of your significant other! Alternatively, if you, are a hopeless romantic and have your heart set on committing to Valentine’s Day, there is also a very good reason to join Heads&Heads this month – after all, how else is your bank balance going to recover!

So, use the special, one week only, code below to join Heads&Heads for less than the cost of a happy meal (which probably wouldn’t be enough to impress on Valentine’s Day). Alternatively, if you just want to dip your toe in the water, come and check out our free matched betting group on Facebook! Links for both can be found below.

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