Bingo and Casino Offers – Changing your mind set

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Recently a number of Heads&Heads members have started including Bingo and Casino offers in their weekly matched betting routine. What they’ve found is that you do need a slightly different mindset for approaching these offers, in comparison to the welcome offers that can be found in the expert and novice sections of Heads&Heads.

The first thing you’ll notice is that you do not need to use a betting exchange or lay off any bets. Instead, the focus is on completing wagering requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now, not everyone will have come across the term ‘wagering requirements’ before. Very simply, it is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play through a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. As you can imagine, the higher the wagering requirements the less value offers tend to be. So for example, if a bonus has a wagering requirement of x10, then this will likely yield more value than a bonus that has an x20 wagering requirement.

There are two types of Bingo/Casino offers on the Heads&Heads site, ‘risk free’ or ‘not risk free’. Often, you’ll find the ‘risk free’ options do not require you to deposit any of your own money. However, they will have high wagering requirements to try and stop you actually winning anything from the free money. Those offers that are not risk free will always involve you depositing money, however, the wagering requirements will be significantly lower, thus increasing the likelihood of a win.

Both of these options are well worth doing. Even if an offer is not risk free, Heads&Heads will only include it on the website if the odds are in your favour for winning. However, because we cannot lay off bets when doing these Casino/Bingo offers there is always the risk that you may not win and incur a small loss (if you’ve had to deposit). Now, this may sound like a huge negative, however, it represents the change of mindset that needs to occur in order to embrace both Bingo/Casino and also Reload offers. In so far that every now and again you will incur a small loss in the pursuit of long term profit – a long term profit that will categorically surpass any loss you may make.

For those who remain unconvinced by this explanation, Heads&Heads is currently working on recording a series of videos that focus on this change in mindset and ensure that our members transition smoothly into long term profits.

If you have more questions or concerns on these types of offers, please do ask. There is so much money to be made on these offers and they are too good to miss.