What is going on at William Hill!?

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Some of our more seasoned members may have noticed quite a few William Hill offers disappearing from the Heads&Heads site, particularly the ‘Casino’ section. Unfortunately, this is no illusion, William Hill have indeed been changing a lot of their offers on betting channels outside of traditional sports betting. Unfortunately, they are replacing these offers with ones which hold no value for either a matched bettor or ordinary punter and in some cases (like day trading) removing the betting market all together.

We are all aware of the troubles plaguing William Hill at the moment; a lack of leadership and multiple high profile failures during acquisition talks have set them back significantly. Heads&Heads have never reveled in the failure of bookmakers least of all William Hill. In fact is in our best interest for them all to flourish.

For a bit of personal background, when I was doing matched betting back at university (manually finding bets without all the software we have now), William Hill was one of ‘the’ best providers of both welcome and reload offers. The quality of reload offers are all too often a good indicator as to how strong a bookmaker is in the market. So, it is no surprise that the value of William Hill has a bookmaker for us matched bettors has decreased along with its standing in the market.

As a result of all this, it is with a heavy heart that we announce a partnership between William Hill and The Racing Partnership (TRP), which seems to cement the view that the market is leaving William Hill behind.

The deal between William Hill and TRP, has ensured TRP coverage will be shown in all 2,371 William Hill UK betting shops. Whilst so many other bookmakers are making leaps forward with their digital platforms, William Hill appear to be continuing to invest in their betting shops. There is a certain irony to William Hill trying to put a PR spin on this deal, whilst the market watches Ch4 relinquish rights to UK horse racing coverage due to dwindling viewership. Now Heads&Heads does not have all the information, and there may indeed be something we are missing, but on the surface this appears to show a depressing lack of vision when it comes to the betting market.

We here at Heads&Heads really do hope that there will be no more blogs on William Hill in the coming months. As this would be a sign that, maybe, they’ve got their act together.