Why today’s students need to know about Matched Betting!

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At Heads&Heads we believe that anyone can learn to do matched betting. If you are over 18, have access to a computer and a debit card, then you already have the basic qualification.

However, as someone who learnt matched betting in university to pay off my student loans, it pains me to know that so few students today know about the practice. University fees have increased, making it harder than ever for students to free themselves from their graduate debt.

Students will, of course, have the option of getting a job while at University. Usually this involves pulling pints behind student bars while watching everyone else get extremely drunk or equally long hours waiting tables - both for very average pay.

The average hourly rate for most universities in the UK is £9.40. So, assuming you did a 6-hour shift, you’d go home with under £57. Now that certainly isn’t bad. However, after just 1 hour of matched betting you could equal this, with considerable ease - and you don't have to leave your room to do it. Yes, Matched Betting can be a little intimidating when you first try to learn how to do it. However, for just one hour a day I was able to support myself through University and come out debt free.

You see, students are in an ideal position to try Matched Betting. With Matched Betting, you never lose money, however you do need a small initial investment of around £50 to get things started. A student’s loan allows them to deposit more into the betting exchanges (this is the investment) at the start. Meaning that far more offers can be done compared with those who are using their monthly wages.

So the only other piece of the puzzle is the time to do Matched Betting; about 1 hour a day if you are looking to make serious money. Now as a former student, I know for an absolute fact that 99% of students have far more than 1 spare hour during their days!

In short there is no reason for anyone not to get involved in matched betting, least of all students and with Heads&Heads there is a, no obligation, ten day free trial.

Remember students, you do not have to accept the fact you’ll be in debt! There are ways you can pay it off before you even finish university. More importantly Heads&Heads will show you a way that involves very little effort!