Does the end of the Football season mean the end of Matched Betting profit?

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This question has been asked by several of our existing members. They are understandably keen to known whether, without football, they will be able to maintain the level of profits they’ve become accustomed to making.

In this blog we will cover all the various options open to matched bettors during the summer to sustain, and in some cases, even increase their profits. However, before that let’s first de-bunk this myth that Matched betting grinds to a halt due to the absence of football.

The simplest way to go about this is to look at it from a business perspective. Bookmakers are not seasonal businesses. They want to make money all year round, and their shareholders expect no less than this. With that in mind many bookmakers will actually increase the number of offers they make available to existing customers. They know full well that the average punter (the ones that make them the most money) like to bet on their favourite football team every week. It now becomes the bookmaker’s challenge to keep that person betting on other sports that they may otherwise have ignored during the football season.

One great example of this is horse racing reloads. During the football season, horse racing reload offers don’t always guarantee us a profit. For example, only getting a free bet if your horse comes second to the favourite, or only placing one extra place on each way offers. Now, these offers still exist during the summer for horse racing, however, what you’ll find is significantly more ‘enticing’ offers. Such as ‘money back as a free bet if your horse loses’ – this is obviously a lot easier for us to trigger than the previous examples listed above. What all this boils down to is, the bookies are making less money on the football market and need to make it up elsewhere.

So will the Reload offers dry up? Absolutely not! In some weeks you may even see more available.

Keep in mind that this blog is directed at those who’ve completed all the welcome offers and are now earning their money from weekly reloads. If you’re still on the welcome offers, just keep doing what you’re doing. If, however, you are on to reloads here are the Top 6 ways to earn money during the summer.

Number 1 – Horse Racing Offers

As we’ve already mentioned, these offers just get more and more lucrative as the summer goes on.

‘Prime time’ for horse racing is Saturday between 1pm and 4:30pm, during ITV’s televised coverage of the weekends biggest horse racing meetings. Nearly every bookmaker will have offers on these races. The overlap means you can (in some cases) cover all the horses, ensuring you trigger at least one offer and guarantee profit on that race.

When done regularly, Horse Racing should be netting you between £200 and £300 per month.
Dates to look out for:

Televised ITV Racing: Every Saturday and occasionally midweek

Glorious Goodwood: Tuesday 1st August to Saturday 5th August

Number 2 – Big Events

The end of the football season does not mean the end of big sporting events!

The bookmakers will be running Risk Free Offers, Refund Offers and Price Boosts on these big events. The list below isn't exhaustive; however, Heads&Heads will be working on a calendar that will be present on your dashboard to alert you to upcoming sporting events.

June Events:

• Confederations Cup

July Events:

• British Lions Rugby: Saturday 1st, Saturday 8th

• Wimbledon: Monday 3rd to Sunday 16th

• British Grand Prix: Sunday 16th

• British Golf Open: Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd

August Events

• Glorious Goodwood: Tuesday 1st August to Saturday 5th August

These big events provide opportunities to earn between £300 and £400 per month.

Number 3 - Bingo and Casino

Yes, bingo and casino offers can be hit and miss sometimes. However, there are so many risk free offers out there it would take months to complete them all. On top of that the pay offs are potentially huge, with loopholes always appearing which Heads&Heads will quickly highlight so you can take advantage.

There are over 90 Casino and Bingo offers on Heads&Heads currently and you should expect to make between £75 and £100 a month from these offers.

Number 4 – Greyhounds

Greyhound offers are often overlooked. However, they are as frequent and just as profitable as horse racing offers.

There is one significant difference though. That being the speed with which the races occur. There is only a 15 minute gap between races, meaning that the odds move extremely fast. As such, we recommend that this is only suitable for the more experienced matched bettors.

The plus side, there are races running every day from 11am till 10pm and in the summer, bookies look to greyhound racing more and more when it comes to offer promotion.

You should expect to make between £50 and £100 per month on Greyhound offers.

Number 5 – Those good old free bet clubs!

These are the offers you can depend on. Always there, week in, week out.

They may not be the most profitable, but at the very least by doing them all in one week is easily enough to cover your membership to Heads&Heads.

Offers available:

Sky Bet - £5
Unibet Casino - £5
Unibet In-play - £5
Coral - £5
Paddy Power - £10
Sky Bet Casino – Free Spin

If you complete each one available every week, you’ll bag yourself £120 per month. So if you just did these for the year, you’d earn £1,440 tax free each year.

Number 6 – Arbing bookmakers that have restricted you!

Unfortunately there will come a time when a bookmaker will restrict you or cut you off from their offers. If this happens, all is not lost, you can still make money from them.

Arbing opportunities occur when the bookmaker has set their odds too high, relative to the lay price on the exchange ('arbing'). So you simply back on the bookmaker and lay on the exchange for a guaranteed profit!

You can use the OddsMatcher for arbing, just remember to only do this on gubbed accounts or those that don't have good existing customer offers!

Sooner or later this bookmaker will see you're only betting with them when their odds are too high and will restrict your staking, but you might as well still profit from these whilst you can!

You can expect to make around £30 per month from this technique. This amount can be increased if the bookmakers who have gubbed you haven’t restricted your stakes.

Number 7 – Heads&Heads Affiliate scheme

This is just about to launch and something we are extremely excited about.

For those that have never come across the term ‘affiliate’ before, it simply means someone who is attached to an organisation, often in the role of promoting it. So an affiliate of Heads&Heads would be an individual or company that promoted Heads&Heads in exchange for an incentive.

Now, on the whole, we here at Heads&Heads don’t really like affiliate marketing. From what we’ve seen it can be a rather murky area. That is why we’ve decided to keep our affiliate scheme exclusive and available only to those who are members of Heads&Heads in the first place.

With this in mind, the affiliate program will be opened up to all existing members of Heads&Heads. There will be separate topics and articles explaining this all in greater detail at a later date. However, for now what we can say is that (once you join the programme), if you bring a friend or family member into the Heads&Heads community you will receive 50% of their monthly subscription fee for as long as they are a member.

To give you a quick idea of how lucrative this could be for you. Imagine over the course of a year, you recommended Heads&Heads to 30 friends/family, all of which joined. Were these 30 to stay members for a year, that would make you £3,600 without you lifting a finger.

Stay tuned for more information on this!

So there you have it! Just because the football has ended for the summer, it does not mean the profit has to slow down either. In fact, there may be more chances than ever to earn tax free income!

As always, if you have any questions you can ask on the forum or email me

Happy profit hunting!