Leicester City: A demonstration of our need for instant rewards!

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Once again, this blog is going to piggyback on some recent sporting events that have been clogging up Twitter recently. Next up is the surprise dismissal of Leicester City’s manager Claudio Ranieri, often lorded as one of the nicest managers in football. Now, we are not going to talk about the frankly ludicrous way it has been discussed in the media – we’ve seen funeral’s with less heartfelt tributes than this! Instead we are going to look at this instant win mentality and the apparent lack of time anyone or anything is given to prove themselves. But, more importantly, we are going to look at how this sacking proves, that not everyone subscribes to that way of thinking……except maybe Arsenal fans of course!

For those of you that do not follow football all that closely, Leicester City have, after winning the Premier League last season, been struggling with a lengthy string of poor results that’s left them floundering towards the bottom of the Premier League. This resulted in their manager, Claudio Ranieri, being sacked after a very good result in Seville last Wednesday. Let’s put some more context on this, as the sacking of a manager with a poorly performing team is, in of itself, not all that surprising. What makes it shocking news is what transpired the season before. Leicester are not, nor will they likely be, much more than an average team. The owners, who’s manger guided a bunch average players to the very top of one of (if not the) toughest football leagues in the world, then sacked said manager less than a year after this success.

Is the decision of Leicester City’s board members indicative of an increasingly growing trend for people to want and need instant rewards or gratification? The actions of the board would indicate yes, but the response to that decision make for a very pleasing contrast to this view. For us at Heads&Heads, this is good to see. We run a business which rewards graft and perseverance with guaranteed profit. However, we do not offer a get rich quick scheme, where after a few clicks of a button you’re suddenly rich – which, despite not existing, is a concept/idea we felt was becoming more readily expected. So, it is a relief to see that the general public, who make up our membership, are so clearly stating that Claudio Ranieri should have been given more time to produce further positive results.

At Heads&Heads we hope to see more examples of this kind of patience and belief. Who knows, we may even see it in our growing membership numbers, as people begin to accept there are no quick ways to make thousands of pounds…..but ways certainly do exist, and one of them is called Heads&Heads.