The Reload Offer Mentality

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You may have already seen Heads&Heads use the term ‘Reload Offer Mentality’ on either the forum or our social media channels. It may seem like a throwaway term. However, there is a crucial lesson behind it that all Matched Bettors need to learn if they are to progress and start earning the big bucks!

Let’s start with a quick definition of Reload Offers, what are they? The purpose of ‘reload offers’ is to consistently earn a regular income from matched betting. There’s no reason why the money you make from matched betting should be limited to the process of joining the bookmakers. With so many bookies in operation in the UK and such a big sports betting audience, it is essential that bookmakers regularly offer enhancements, offers, promotions and free bets to their existing customers. This allows us to earn anything from £15 to £100+ a day from all the bookies that we’ve already registered with.

Now even if you are still a free trial member, the likelihood is, you’ve already seen several Heads&Heads Reload Offer emails which are sent out every Friday and Saturday. To many who are still working their way through the Novice and Expert offers, the idea of completing these Reload offers may seem a mile away. However, it is something that you need to try and wrap your head around sooner rather than later. Those that are already trying their first Reload Offers will no doubt have the following question: “If not every Reload Offer guarantees you profit, what’s the point?”.

It is this question this blog will seek to answer and in turn provide clarity to both those familiar and new to the idea of Reload offers. Firstly, let us say, that you will indeed not get a free bet/refund/profit for every single reload offer. Whilst there are still Reload offers that operate on a model similar to Welcome offers, (eg. Bet X get Y), most rely on certain outcomes to occur in order for a free bet/refund to trigger (Bet X and if Y occurs then get Z). Take a regular Reload offer from Boylesports for example. If you bet £25 on a game between two football teams and your bet not only loses but also someone during the game hits the crossbar, then you’ll be refunded your back stake as a free bet. So, let’s say you backed £25 on team A to win but not only did team B win but your team also hit the crossbar, Boylesports would refund you your £25 as a free bet. Now, if you are using the matched betting process your profit from this offer will be determined by taking the loss of your qualifying bet away from the profit you make when you use the free bet.

As you will no doubt have realised, it is not every game that the cross bar is hit, so there is every chance that this Reload offer would not trigger and you’d be left with the qualifying loss. So, this brings us on to the second half of the original question, “Whats the point?”. Well, if you were to only attempt just the Boylesports (as detailed above) offer during the week, then there probably isn’t any point. However, this is where the word ‘mentality’ comes into play. Yes, not every Reload offer you complete will result in profit, however there are so many to complete every week that it becomes a numbers game. All these Reload offers will be coming from different bookmakers, although the offers themselves will only focus on a select few events, big football matches for instance. As a result, you may find yourself doing 5 Reload offers on the same event! This allows us to cover all the outcomes and essentially guarantee at least 1 free bet/refund, and that alone should cover the losses from all 5 qualifying bets and put you into profit.

This is what the Reload Offer Mentality is all about. You are not going to profit from every single Reload you do. However, if you do as many as you can during the week you are statistically guaranteed to come out with a profit. Keep in mind that the most successful matched bettors do not make their money from welcome offers, but instead make their £1,000s a month by working through as many Reload offers as they can each week.

There is a lot to cover on the subject of Reload offers, far too much in fact for a blog. So, Heads&Heads in the near future will be working on a video series that looks at Reload Offers in detail. This is where the money is made, so a solid understanding of what’s required will be crucial to your success!