Betway making waves in the world of Horse Racing!

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A week ago, we posted a quick blog on the ways in which Betway are looking to support the UK Horse Racing industry, through a series of high profile race sponsorships. Such news was particularly pleasing given negative comments from other bookmakers on the health of UK horse racing.

Fortunately, Betway, are showing every sign of maintaining this positivity to a halt. It was confirmed late last week that Betway has signed a seven-figure, three-year deal with Aintree Racecourse to become the official betting partner of this year’s Grand National. This is massive news for both the industry and Betway, with the latter’s profile set to drastically increase over the next few years.

Sponsorship of the Grand National, coupled with sponsorship of the Cheltenham Festival, will mean Betway has major coverage at some of the biggest Horse Racing meets in the calendar.

As Anthony Werkmam of Betway comments: “The Grand National Festival at Aintree is a hugely important race meeting we’re delighted to be its new official betting partner. With the Betway Champion Chase in march, the Betway Lincoln on 1 April and now our sponsorship at Aintree, spring is going to be a very exciting time of year for us.”

What does this mean for us as Matched Bettors? Well, not a huge amount, other than looking out for plenty of Horse Racing offers from Betway during Cheltenham and the Grand National. That, however, is the short-term view, the long-term view looks even better for us thanks to these deals. Seven figure deals are a sign that Bookmakers still take the Horse Racing market in the UK very seriously. Even for a bookmaker, this is no small amount of money to sponsor one racing meet.

Is this a sign of things to come? Well, Heads&Heads certainly hopes so. With ITV’s new coverage of horse racing being received well in its first month and with huge sponsorship deals being done like this one with Betway, you would certainly be right in thinking that the future is bright for British Horse Racing.