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It is a little cliché to say this, but Heads&Heads are always looking to improve the matched betting experience for our members. With that in mind we wanted to use this blog to run through some of the changes we’ve made to the site.

Let’s start by looking at the improvements to the visibility of the discount codes we provide to each of our members. For those who don’t know, Heads&Heads provides four discount codes every month to our Premium members. These codes can then be given out to friends and family to use when starting their own Premium membership. Doing so gives a £5 discount to both the member using the code and the one who gave out the code in the first place.

The screenshot below shows an example Dashboard, with the 4 discount codes at the top. Pressing the ‘copy’ button will immediately copy the code to your clipboard, allowing you to easily share your codes. Additionally, these codes will disappear as they are used – so you have a clear idea as to how many remain before your next month’s subscription is absolutely free!

User dashboard

Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing tools available to Heads&Heads and rewarding our members for spreading the word is the least we can do. Moving into 2017 we will be looking at numerous other reward schemes for not only referrals but continued use of the Heads&Heads site.

Next, we look at a slightly more complex (as far as coding goes) addition to Heads&Heads. Ease of use is incredibly important to our users, and improving this aspect of the site is our number one priority. So, when we got a few messages from members that indicated a frustration at not being able to instantly calculate a bet (regardless as to where on the site they were), we knew this was something that needed improving.

As a result, we developed a very simple solution. Namely, make the add bet form available on key areas of the site other than your Dashboard. We’ve made sure that this links back to your Tracking Table, regardless as to where on the site you fill in the add bet form. Simply, this means that if you see a good odds match you can calculate it there and then without having to navigate back to your Dashboard.

This add bet form can be opened by clicking on the green circle icon in the bottom right hand of your screen. Doing so will bring up the add bet form.

New add bet button

Add bet form

To get rid of the window you can simply click on the greyed-out area and it will close the form.

We hope these changes add to the matched betting experience for our members and will be looking to make further improvements moving into 2017!