Tips for those starting out in Matched Betting!

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Starting out on your matched betting adventure is guaranteed to make you a profit, although it can be a bit intimidating. Even with Heads&Heads and our guides helping you out, placing those first couple of bets can be a nerve racking experience.

If you feel this way, do not worry, it is completely normal. In fact, even I felt this way when placing my first matched bets all those years ago. Remembering this feeling is a key driver behind why Heads&Heads continues to try and improve the experience for all our members. However, even with all the customer experience improvements in the world, we cannot make these first bets feel any less natural for those completely new to the process.

That said, there are two very simple rules that anyone can follow, based on my own experience, which may help all those new to the process.

First is, take your time. This may seem obvious, but in the heat of the moment when placing your first bet you can, all too often, quickly forget that there’s no need to rush. You may have found a brilliant odds match with a high rating on the Oddsmatching software, and you may also think that you have to get this bet sorted immediately. However, as soon as you start feeling rushed this is when you need to stop. Remember, there will new odds matches appearing every couple of minutes. When starting out, it is far more important that you take your time to ensure you’ve got the odds right and that they haven’t shifted while you’ve been calculating your bets. So, if you feel rushed, stop and start again.

Second, resist the temptation to spend your profit after the first few offers. Now, far be it from Heads&Heads to tell you how to spend the money you’ve earned! However, from personal experience, I’d urge self-restraint when it comes to using your profit. When I started matched betting I was still a student and needless to say, this influx of extra cash proved too tempting initially and was quickly spent on nights out. This though essentially sets back any initial progress I’d made because I no longer had money in my betting exchanges to cover future offers. So, essentially, I had to start again with regards to building up my funds and as we know, with Matched Betting, the more funds you have the more offers you can get through daily. Now, everyone has their own goals when it comes to their money, so if you are looking to just earn a little bit extra to be able to afford that regular night out, then that is absolutely fine. However, if like me, you too are in this for the long-term profits, then try to avoid the temptation of withdrawing too early!

If anyone has any general questions about Matched Betting, you can always email me at or if you’re already a member of Heads&Heads you can message me on the forum.