There is always something to bet on!

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Now, as Matched Bettors, gambling and the associated risk that comes with it is of little interest to us. For us, it is all about the odds! However, ever so occasionally we here at Heads&Heads can’t help but chuckle at some of the bookmaker’s antics. As we know, if it exists, you can probably bet on it. This concept was taken to a whole new level during Trump’s Inauguration.

Paddy Power offered a variety of bets during the Trump Inauguration. These bets included, among others, the length and content of Trump’s speech, the colour of his tie and Melania’s dress, and the potential attendees. As if that wasn’t enough, there were also sub categories. Such as being able to bet on the number of times certain clichés were used; ‘Make America Great Again’ was, of course, right up there and rather hilariously joined by ‘Fake News’. But the best one Heads&Heads saw was that you could even back Trump to mention Meryl Streep, at 50/1.

Paddy Power are well known for their tongue-in-cheek marketing. When queried on this plethora of unusual betting markets, their response was typical of their marketing strategy: ‘“Controversy is never far away when it comes to The Donald and it will be fascinating to see if he can keep tight-lipped during his hotly anticipated inauguration speech”. They then followed this up with: “Trump has had so many celebs turn down his invite to the big party I genuinely thought I might get the call-up. Alas, it hasn’t happened, so I’ll be tuning in from home and I’m hoping for some serious entertainment.”

Now, we do take our hats off to Paddy Power, they do a very good job of creating a feeling of banter around their marketing which largely disguises the true intention of any advertising they put in front of customers. It does make you question the number of punters who actively bet on such markets, although clearly there is a demand for it. Hardly surprising in fact, when we consider a blog we wrote a while back discussing the surge in politically led betting.

So it would appear that whilst Paddy Power’s backing options appear to be a bit of silly fun, they actually reflect a clear drive in the gambling sector to betting on political events. We suspect this will only last as long as there are controversial figures, such as The Donald, sitting atop the political pile!