The internet can be a scary place!

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Very recently Heads&Heads suffered a drop out in our services due to our DNS (Domain name system) being the victim of a DDoS (cyber) attack. The result was our services being down through no fault of our own. Now this occurred just over a week ago. Whilst this was very annoying, Heads&Heads was quickly restored and we moved on. However, it would appear that this attack on Hover has kicked off a bit of a trend amongst hackers. Who are beginning to realise that they can inflict far more damage attacking a DNS, rather than attacking websites individually.

The internet, particularly in the USA, felt the full force of this ‘realisation’ yesterday, when hackers launched a DDoS attack on Dyn, one of the largest DNS hosts in the world. The result was numerous, high profile, websites going down, including Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Github and Spotify.

Whilst Heads&Heads takes no joy in the suffering of other online businesses, there is certainly a sense of gratification in the knowledge that if it can happen to the likes of Amazon, then there is not much we could have done.

Admittedly, this is not a particularly comforting thought. But, for now at least, it would appear that our statement in our last blog on DDoS attack is yet to be contradicted; ‘Often the perpetrators of Ddos attacks want nothing more than the personal gratification of taking down a big company. The good thing is that this means repeat attacks are unlikely as once it has been achieved, doing the same thing again no longer represents a challenge.’

Hover has not been attacked since, and likely won’t be again for a very long time. So as Heads&Heads members, there is nothing to worry about. Unless of course they DDoS Facebook next, and none of us have any idea what is happening socially at the weekends!

Joking aside, Heads&Heads have had plenty of conversations with Hover to ensure that we feel confident in their service and ability to prevent this from happening again. This whole episode has been a rather brutal wake-up call to online businesses everywhere. A wake up call that reminds us, that whilst the internet provides huge opportunities, it should never be taken for granted.