The Grand National – A Summary

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What a crazy day that was! Each way opportunities everywhere you looked, horse odds dipping up and down! I’m not surprised some of our more inexperienced members struggled to keep up with the pace – because frankly, so did I.

So, when the dust settled, how did everyone do? Well, it was more of a mixed bag than Cheltenham. With the size of your profit determined on essentially one race, there is no flexibility like you have with Cheltenham, where you can skip a few races and still clean up on the offers for the day as a whole.

The result of all this appeared to be, a really high maximum profit and quite a low average profit. Our top earner for the Grand National was £957, with the average profit being £120. Now, let’s put this all in perspective. This was just one race, so to be talking about £120 being on the ‘low end’ of things is pretty amazing in its own right.

The question on most of my members lips is, ‘how did £957 happen’? Well, very simply, from Each Way (E/W) betting. As predicted after the Cheltenham Festival, the bookies have moved away (if only a little) from the traditional static reload offers (Money back if your horse loses) and shifted their focus on to offering Extra Places. Presumably in response to an ‘overall’ more cautious betting market, who are unwilling to put all their eggs in one basket (i.e betting on the each-way market, rather than the winners market). The £957 happened because the H&H member who made this profit played their cards right when it came to the E/W market. In fact, this profit was the result of just two E/W bets, one with UniBet and the other with Bet365.

What the average profit from the Grand National has taught me is that we here at Heads&Heads need to do a better job when it comes to teaching people Each Way betting. Yes, we have our training guide and video, however it does not seem enough to give members the confidence to learn this lucrative strategy. As always, we are open to ideas!

So, what of the race itself? Well, it was certainly an exciting affair. Two photo finishes to determine the top 4. Bookies won’t have been overly pleased with the winner (Tiger Roll), who was amongst the favourites – so plenty of payouts to be made. That said, the out and out favourite Total Recall had a very poor show. What made the day (and a lot of money) for our members was a horse by the name of Milansbar at 25-1. Early on Saturday morning the lay odds on Milansbar suddenly slid down, bringing it into line for a good odds match on multiple bookies – most notably (and as was posted on the forum) with Unibet.

Overall it doesn’t look like anyone came out of the Grand National massively worse off. Obviously Heads&Heads members had a good day, thanks in part to the incredible offer from Bet365. The bookies probably did ‘ok’ on balance, particularly with them not having to pay out on Total Recall. And of course the punters had a good time – because they always do on the Grand National, regardless of result.

So, with the two biggest horse racing events of the year done and dusted, should you bother learning E/W matched betting? Absolutely, yes! This will be the tactic that makes us money moving forward and we at H&H are considering a number of ways to make things easier for members in this area. There is no better time to learn, so that next time Cheltenham and the Grand National roll around, you will be ready!