Rewarding our community

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At Heads&Heads, we will always strive to ensure that the service we provide to our members fosters both their loyalty and the continuing growth of the site. Growing our community is a top priority and like most new businesses we rely on marketing to help achieve this. However, all the marketing in the world cannot buy you the value that comes from your own users recommending you to friends and family.

That is why Heads&Heads is currently developing a recommend a friend program that will be rolled out in the coming months. The aim is to reward members who not only use the site but recommend it to others. How this program will take shape is not yet set in stone. The plan is to provide existing premium members with a number of unique codes, which (when used on the payment section of the site) grant that user £10 off their first months subscription. One code may be redeemed on your own account to discount that month’s subscription. Upon all the unique codes being used, the member who handed them out will be granted a free months subscription.

The principle here is very simple, we want to reward those who not only use the site but who also spread the word. Heads&Heads has no interest in an affiliate program that encourages individuals (who do not even use the site) to use morally ambiguous methods to get people to sign up so they can get a pay day. There are more than a few Matched Betting services out there who deploy such affiliate programs. We do not wish to be like them.

So, at this point you may be thinking, well this is all very well but what incentives are there for those who recommend Heads&Heads today? Well the solution is crude but effective. Simply put, if you recommend the site to someone, send their full name to (making sure to uses either the username or email you signed up with). If that individual then becomes a paying member we will refund you £5 on your current month’s subscription. Your recommendation will also get £5 off their first month. Everyone wins!

There is no limit on the number of recommendations you can make. So if you want to make your matched betting experience with Heads&Heads even more profitable than it already was, spread the word!

We will be creating a new topic on the Heads&Heads forum to cover this subject. So if you have any questions post in there. If you’re are not a member but still have questions, just fill out the Contact form on our homepage.