Pokemon Go for Matched Bettors?

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I can’t deny that as a matched bettor, there is a certain thrill that comes with knowing that regardless of the outcome, you’ll always win. However, would I call Matched Betting fun? Perhaps not.

888Sport appear to be looking to change that for us with their latest technological innovation. Their new app is startlingly similar to the Pokemon Go app, which has taken the world by storm. It also seeks to draw comparisons through the name - ‘Free Bet Hunt’.

The app, which will be available via the 888Sport app, works on the same geo-location technology as Pokemon Go, but instead of hunting down Pokemon, you’ll be tracking down free bets around the stadiums of premier league clubs.

Most importantly for us, is that these free bet offers are provided to anyone, not just those attending the football match. Meaning that any Heads&Heads members who live near a stadium could be having quite a profitable year!

Heads&Heads will keep an eye on this as it develops, test it out ourselves to see how the process works and what level of profit you should be expecting.