Christmas Blog #1 – What costs more than a Heads&Heads membership?

Admittedly this is not a very Christmassy blog to start this series off, however it was an idea that came to me while ordering a particularly greedy late-night order from Domino’s pizza. Shout out to my local Domino’s for staying open past midnight! But it did dawn on me, as I stared down at the most expensive dough on the planet, that we have weird priorities when it comes to judging the price of things. Now, to be clear, I am not judging anyone for ordering a Dominos pizza over signing up for Premium membership with Heads& »

Bitcoin - a complete uneducated review!

Let’s start by making it clear that I am in no way jealous of those that jumped on this increasingly out of control bandwagon while the price was still cheap – ok, well maybe a little bit. No one can doubt the meteoric rise of Bitcoins price as being one of the most surprising financial revelations of this year. It’s been on Heads&Heads radar for some time, however we’ve refrained from getting involved, or advising others on the matter. Because, frankly, we don’t know enough. It’s always looked a little risky to us, and »

Matched Betting is nothing like Loot Boxes from EA (Electronic Arts). You ALWAYS know what you’re going to get!

I’m not afraid to admit it – I’m pretty proud of that title! Now, not everyone will know what I am talking about, as this issue is not what we’d class as front-page news. However, in certain circles (namely the gaming and online world) it has caused a public relations storm that is quickly getting out of control. First, let’s add some context for those who’ve not read anything on this yet. You see for the past couple of years the gaming (by that we mean the world of PS4’s and Xbox Ones) industry has »

The potential impact of FOBT verdict

Now this blog is a little late on this particular subject (1 week in fact). However, such is its importance, I still felt it necessary to put something out there on what could prove to be a very significant piece of news. For those who follow this blog on a regular basis you’ll know that in our last outing we covered the government’s proposed action on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT’s). The impact of which, it was believed, would be widespread. However, in an article that came out this week in the Gambling Times, the impact may »

Bookies could be taking a massive hit!

So, the maximum stake for fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) (the ones you find in betting shops) could be dropping to as low as £2, as part of the latest government review. As it stands, customers can place bets of up to £100 every 20 seconds – which I think we can all agree is complete insanity. Now, as with most Government reviews, they are not very thrilling to read. So, for those who are interested, I’ve briefly summed up the key points the review is looking to tackle: Broadcasters, advertisers, industry and support groups will draw up an advertising »