Leo Vegas hit with a £600,000 fine – but is it strong enough?

This blog, on more than one occasion, has bemoaned the often-toothless approach taken by the Gambling Commission. The level and frequency of mistreatment to customers by Gambling Companies really is unique in the world of business. Were any other industry to employ tactics similar to bookmakers, they’d be dragged over hot coals – but yet the Gambling industry continues to avoid punishment for infringing customer rights. However, is all this about to change? Of course, it was not long ago that 888Casino was hit with a huge fine for misconduct regarding users who’d excluded themselves from the service. But »

The Grand National – A Summary

What a crazy day that was! Each way opportunities everywhere you looked, horse odds dipping up and down! I’m not surprised some of our more inexperienced members struggled to keep up with the pace – because frankly, so did I. So, when the dust settled, how did everyone do? Well, it was more of a mixed bag than Cheltenham. With the size of your profit determined on essentially one race, there is no flexibility like you have with Cheltenham, where you can skip a few races and still clean up on the offers for the day as a whole. The »

Build up to the Grand National

Just when your exchange balance thought it was safe to come out of hiding, up looms the Grand National. Having just dealt with the world’s biggest Horse Racing Festival only a couple of weeks ago, we now face the world’s biggest single Horse Race. For those who couldn’t care less about Horse Racing, which just so happens to be the majority of our member base, the Grand National is the showpiece event of the Aintree Festival. Make no mistake, this race really is deserving of the title ‘showpiece’. According to some audits, 25% of the UK adult »

Why Bookies Should be Paying attention to the Diamond Industry

Now before you grab your tin foil hats, let me start by saying this is all pure speculation. However, recently I’ve noticed some interesting parallels between the recent fortunes of the diamond industry and that of the gambling industry. I’m sure at least some of you have seen or read the click-baiting articles pushed out by the likes of buzzfeed, which have titles such as “Are millennials destroying the diamond industry?” and “Will millennials bother buying engagement rings?”. Well, if we look past the rather hollow attempts by such media outlets to generate article clicks, there is a »

Cheltenham – A Summary!

So, as the dust settles on yet another hectic Cheltenham Festival, how successful was it for Matched Bettors? Well, better than last year, that’s for sure! Despite some initial fears due to the lack of bookmaker offers, the odds boosts and extra place offers (particularly from Bet365) more than made up for the slight reduction in offers. That said, whilst 2018 was more profitable than 2017 for experienced matched bettors, it could be argued that for those new to matched betting it was slightly tougher. There was, as we’ve already mentioned, a huge amount of value on offer »