Build up to the Grand National

Just when your exchange balance thought it was safe to come out of hiding, up looms the Grand National. Having just dealt with the world’s biggest Horse Racing Festival only a couple of weeks ago, we now face the world’s biggest single Horse Race. For those who couldn’t care less about Horse Racing, which just so happens to be the majority of our member base, the Grand National is the showpiece event of the Aintree Festival. Make no mistake, this race really is deserving of the title ‘showpiece’. According to some audits, 25% of the UK adult »

Why Bookies Should be Paying attention to the Diamond Industry

Now before you grab your tin foil hats, let me start by saying this is all pure speculation. However, recently I’ve noticed some interesting parallels between the recent fortunes of the diamond industry and that of the gambling industry. I’m sure at least some of you have seen or read the click-baiting articles pushed out by the likes of buzzfeed, which have titles such as “Are millennials destroying the diamond industry?” and “Will millennials bother buying engagement rings?”. Well, if we look past the rather hollow attempts by such media outlets to generate article clicks, there is a »

Cheltenham – A Summary!

So, as the dust settles on yet another hectic Cheltenham Festival, how successful was it for Matched Bettors? Well, better than last year, that’s for sure! Despite some initial fears due to the lack of bookmaker offers, the odds boosts and extra place offers (particularly from Bet365) more than made up for the slight reduction in offers. That said, whilst 2018 was more profitable than 2017 for experienced matched bettors, it could be argued that for those new to matched betting it was slightly tougher. There was, as we’ve already mentioned, a huge amount of value on offer »

Why would you choose Uber as a second job?

Let me start this blog with a quick disclaimer. I’m not against Uber as a source of income or service, in fact I have been a big user of Uber since their arrival on travel scene. This is simply an opinion piece based on a recent conversation I had with my Uber driver on a journey back from London. The idea of a second income is appealing to most of us. Regardless of your personal financial situation, the idea of having a ‘little bit more’ is an appealing one. The trick is balancing the time investment with the actual »

Betdaq finally becoming competitive!

This may seem a little harsh for any fans of Betdaq out there. However, it can’t be denied that in the world of betting exchanges, the likes of Betfair and Smarkets are streets ahead – both in terms of User Interface (UI) and the overall service. This gap in class was made worse by Betdaq’s previous commission structure, which was both confusing and convoluted. Starting at 5% at working its way down through a complicated series of spending tiers. Ultimately reaching the 2% mark, however only after a huge amount of money had been put through them. Ultimately, something »