Paddy Power Hotshot Jackpot

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Jackpots, lottery’s and spin the wheel all have one thing in common. Winning anything from them is next to impossible and regularly participating in them is not the smartest financial decision.

As Matched Bettors we would normal encourage people to steer well clear of such practices. However, when it is free, then there is absolutely no harm in getting involved. And that is exactly what Paddy Power is offering with their weekly Hotshot Jackpot.

Now you may have about as much chance of winning this as the National Lottery, but if it is free there is no sense in not spending 2 mins of your week to try. You just need to be a registered user of Paddy Power to enter. The idea behind this is that you must select 8, anytime, goalscorers from each of the 8 Premier league games occurring that weekend. Guess them all correctly, and you will win (or share if someone else wins as well with the exact same selection) a jackpot of £250,000.

Heads&Heads have written this up as an offer in the Reload section of the site. There you can read more about the offer and be aware of any crucial terms and conditions.

Opportunities for a big, risk free, win do not come around often, so we suggest you make the most of this by getting involved every single week.

Remember, if you haven’t signed up to Paddy Power yet, be sure that when you do, you don’t forget about the Welcome offer. Details of which will be accessible to all Heads&Heads premium members.

Good luck!

PaddyPower Welcome Offer

PaddyPower Hotshot Jackpot