New entry to the Bingo market & why these offers matter to matched bettors

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It is not often we see anything interesting happen in the Bingo market. Generally speaking Matched Bettors have had an up and down relationship with Bingo in the past. About a year ago, Matched Bettors could take advantage of some major profit opportunities in the Bingo market. Those omissions have now been closed, with only a few decent opportunities remaining.

However, such possibilities for matched bettors in the Bingo market tend to happen in cycles. Any new innovations to the technology behind online bingo almost always results in new possibilities. So, does Sky Bingo represent a new loop hole? Unfortunately not, they are simply a new addition to the already crowded bingo market.

Is the Sky Bingo welcome offer worth doing? Well it is certainly not the best value bingo offer out there, due to the requirement to place £5 of your own cash to unlock all the bonuses. However, the bonuses are lucrative enough for Heads&Heads to recommend its inclusion in the Bingo offers section.

It is very likely you will see the Sky Bingo offer through various advertising channels. Unusually the market, Sky Bingo is going to be embarking on a very aggressive television campaign to try and attract new members. This is good news for Matched Bettors, as Sky Bingo are likely to be far more lenient on ‘suspicious’ behaviour during the ad campaign. The last thing they want to be doing is removing members during a time when they’ll need to be justifying their advertising spend.

In general, Bingo offers are well worth looking at in our member’s section. They offer a welcome break from the traditional bookmaker offers and show another side to matched betting. A side that does not involve laying your bets in an exchange, but instead focuses on wagering requirements to unlock either bonuses or winnings.

Utilising Bingo and Casino offers is crucial to maintain healthy and long term profits for any serious matched bettor. Whilst not all of them are risk free, all the ones placed on the Heads&Heads give you the mathematical edge to succeed and offer potentially large profit margins. Some of the payoffs can be far greater than standard bookmaker welcome offers. In summary, understanding this market is a skill set that is crucial to becoming an all-round matched bettor.

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