Hover DDoS attack!

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If you’re not very tech minded, then the title of this blog is not going to mean a lot to you. However, what you may have noticed was that last night (12/10/2016), the Heads&Heads site was down for a period of time. This was a direct result of a Ddos attack on Hover.

A Ddos attack is a cyber-attack that involves overloading a company’s servers/systems to the point where their site and any service they provide grinds to a halt. Hover is Heads&Heads domain registrar, so if someone attacks them it affects us as well.

So who exactly was behind this attack on Hover? Well, unfortunately we’re unlikely to ever find out. Hackers rarely identify themselves and if you are a big company then you can become a target. Often the perpetrators of Ddos attacks want nothing more than the personal gratification of taking down a big company. The good thing is that this means repeat attacks are unlikely as once it has been achieved, doing the same thing again no longer represents a challenge.

As users of Heads&Heads, should you be worried? Absolutely not. Our site was not compromised, we simply suffered the knock on effect from the Hover attack. But it was undoubtedly an inconvenience for our users who attempted to log on yesterday evening to work through some bookmaker offers.

Heads&Heads are currently accessing our options with regards to domain registrars. Ironically, we chose Hover due to their positive track record in dealing with cyber-attacks. There is an ongoing debate in many tech forums that can be summed up as – if Hover can be attacked then anyone can! Not very encouraging, I think you’ll agree, but this is for Heads&Heads to worry about, you just need to concern yourself with making as much profit from our site as possible!

So why is Heads&Heads sharing this information so freely with you? In short, our members are the life blood of this company. Without you there would be no Heads&Heads. In return for that loyalty, we believe that sharing the ups and downs of running this online business with you is key to Heads&Heads becoming a true community.

If you are not yet a member, but like the idea of making a profit with a company that treats its members like humans rather than numbers please sign up for a free trial with Heads&Heads or send me an email if you have any questions: support@headsandheads.co.uk