Heads&Heads in 2019!

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My first blog of the year is going to be a fairly self-indulgent one. Looking at what we (Heads&Heads) plan to do in 2019, what our objectives are and predictions for the year as a whole.

It goes without saying that we are looking to drastically expand our member base over the course of this year. 2018 was very much characterised by putting finishing touches on the site and customer service as a whole – there, is of course, still plenty to do. However, we feel the site is in a good place and this enables us to complete one of our main goals for 2019, which is expanding the community side of Heads&Heads.

For any existing Heads&Heads members reading that initial paragraph and perhaps worrying that you will be forgotten this year, fear not! There is plenty that I wish to do to also improve the site this year. Chief among them is to make improvements that help members make long term profit after the welcome offers. To this end, we are looking at software that can alert members to new posts on various forum threads they opt in to. In particular, we want to implement this for the Odds boost and 2/14 Up threads, which look like they will become huge sources of long-term income for members – why we think this will be discussed in the speculation part of this blog.

In addition to the above, Heads&Heads are keen to further improve the relationship we have with the various Betting Exchanges. Betting Exchanges in 2018 really began to truly embrace matched betting – realising just how much money we make them and how we keep the liquidity in their back markets very healthy. With all this in mind, we’d like to build a relationship with major exchanges like Smarkets and Betfair Exchange that will be of benefit to our members. We’re not entirely sure what shape it will take but we’d love it to be something along the lines of a reduced commission for Heads&Heads members.

So, those are two of the main things we want to work on with regards to the site in 2019. There will, of course, be more but this is the focus for now.

So, what about our predictions for matched betting in 2019. Well, unsurprisingly, matched betting is here to stay and the future actually looks brighter thanks to industry developments. It may, however, be slightly tougher for members to make the same profit they made in 2018 thanks to the absence of the World Cup – which proved immensely profitable. However, there is still going to be plenty of money to be made thanks to the likes of big events like Cheltenham and the Grand National. Not only that but, as I mentioned earlier, the future is looking rosey for matched betting thanks to developments in the gambling industry. Most notably, the massive reduction of the stake size for fixed odds betting terminals in gambling shops. The impact of this on the bookie’s bottom line will be massive and they will need a huge influx of profit from other areas to make up the shortfall (read more here). This coincides nicely with Bet365’s posting of record profits for their online sportsbook thanks in part to in-play offers and odds boosts (read more here). All of which will likely mean an increase in profitable online opportunities for matched bettors in 2019.

For now though, I’d just like to say a big thank you to all those that supported us last year and here’s to another profitable year of matched betting!

Happy profit hunting!