Christmas Blog #1 – What costs more than a Heads&Heads membership?

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Admittedly this is not a very Christmassy blog to start this series off, however it was an idea that came to me while ordering a particularly greedy late-night order from Domino’s pizza. Shout out to my local Domino’s for staying open past midnight! But it did dawn on me, as I stared down at the most expensive dough on the planet, that we have weird priorities when it comes to judging the price of things.

Now, to be clear, I am not judging anyone for ordering a Dominos pizza over signing up for Premium membership with Heads&Heads. I’d even struggle to make that decision myself. But for the price of one large pizza and a side, you can get nearly 18 individual one month’s Premium subscription to H&H (Heads&Heads) using the discount code at the bottom of this blog.

Yes, a H&H subscription is not as exciting or as tasty as a Domino’s pizza. But, it lasts for a month, and in that month you can earn enough money to buy a large pizza + side nearly 14x over. Running these numbers through my head made me think – ignoring the discount price for a second - what costs more than the monthly cost to sign up to H&H (£14.99). Here is the list I came up with:

  • Sky Entertainment TV package (locks you into an 18 month contract)
  • Pretty much any monthly phone bill
  • Gym membership (the one you never use)
  • Taylor Swift gig tickets (up to £280!!)
  • A bottle of ‘Veen’ water (yes….water)
  • A metal fidget spinner
  • The second cheapest wine on a restaurant menu

Ok, so some of these are a little ridiculous. You could even argue that the items listed above are for fun/leisure, whereas matched betting is clearly not. Well, here is my theory.

Let’s imagine a slightly hyperbolic scenario. You have a budget of £20 to spend on yourself for the month after you’ve paid the bills etc etc. Now, you could spend it on that Sky TV package that costs £20. You’d get a month’s entertainment from that certainly. However, you’d have nothing left over…...apart from some pleasant memories.

Now, instead, let’s consider what would happen if you spent £14.99 of your £20 on a Heads&Heads premium subscription instead. In that same month, you’d be given everything you need to earn close to £200. Suddenly the next month is looking a lot better and on top of that you’d have enough left over for a McDonalds Big Mac meal!

I know that matched betting isn’t the sexiest thing in the world. But if you are struggling to afford all the fun things you want to do every month - wouldn’t it make sense to try something that would not only allow you to do all those things but also individually cost less than the very things you are looking to fund?

That’s what Heads&Heads is, a means to an end. Providing you the means to be able to afford all the things that you want to do!

For anyone interested we are running a special discount code to accompany this Christmas Blog series. Either click on the link below to get a Christmas bonus that gives you two months for just £5!

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