Cheltenham Summary – The most lucrative week of the year!

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Cheltenham is one of those weeks for matched bettors, where it is almost difficult not to come out with huge amounts of profit. The sheer number of reload offers pushed out by the bookmakers is truly staggering and at times even Heads&Heads struggled to keep on top of them all. So given the late nights our team pulled over this last week, was it all worth it? Did our members turn the tables on the bookmaker by mopping up as much profit as they could get their hands on?

In short, the answer has been a resounding yes! Given how relatively new most of our membership is, they made some truly staggering profits given the equally relatively small size of their banks. Our Cheltenham forum thread is now filling up with more and more members stating the profits they’ve made. Some, who participated in only a day’s worth of offers walked away with nearly £300 and those who got stuck in to nearly every day of betting have been brushing the £1000 mark.

What makes this all the more amazing is that, as far as matched betting is concerned, this year’s Cheltenham was not as lucrative for matched bettors as it has been. To be clear, there have not been fewer offers than previous years. Instead it is the results of the races which have not been in our favour. Those who got involved with the offers this year will know that the vast majority of them are based on the format of a free bet triggering if your selection comes 2nd/3rd to the favourite. The problem for us this year is that the favourites did not do very well at all, quite the opposite in fact. Bookies, of course, loved this and cleaned up on the millions of pounds worth of bets placed on the weeks’ favourites. That said, even this can be looked upon in a positive light for matched bettors. A happy bookmaker is a bookmaker that’s less likely to go on a spree of accounts restrictions after suffering a bad week at the races. This may seem ridiculous but we can assure you from past experience, that bookmakers have been known to indeed be this petty.

The result of this is that we’ve seen next to no account restrictions among our members this year. However, for those who got stuck in to the offers this week, Heads&Heads would like to issue a warning word of advice. That being, you should endeavour to place as many mug bets this weekend as you can with the bookmakers you used the most during the week. It is strongly advised that you do not follow up the Cheltenham offers with weekend reload offers until you’ve placed a couple of mug bets. Whilst Cheltenham makes us a huge amount of money, long term account health is even more essential!

Keep in mind that with the Grand National just two weeks away, you need to ensure that all our accounts remain open and healthy. Further, we recommend that all our members read the ‘Keeping Your Key Accounts Open’ article, that can be found in the knowledge bank of the Heads&Heads site. This will help you know which bookmakers to focus on to ensure long term and sustained profit.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to sign up for a Premium membership before the start of the Grand National, so you can make the most of the 100’s of offers which will be available during that week.