Casino & Bingo Offers……are they worth doing?

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We won’t keep you on tenterhooks until the end of this blog before telling you the answer to the question posed in the title! The answer is categorically yes, Casino & Bingo offers are absolutely worth it.

In fact, we were rather surprised with the apparent unwillingness of some of our members to try out Casino and Bingo offers. However, upon further questioning the reasoning behind the reluctance makes a lot of sense. Firstly, there were the stereotypes. Namely, Casino slots is for addicts and Bingo for old people. Now, every stereotype is usually based on some sort of truth but neither of these thoughts should stop you from trying out these offers. As, much like ordinary punters placing horse racing bets, we matched bettors have nothing in common with them. We will approach these offers with exactly the same mindset as we would any other welcome offer.

This brings us neatly onto the second barrier that our members mentioned. Namely, the technique behind making money from Casino and Bingo offers – how exactly do you do it? This is a fair question, after all you cannot back and lay a slot machine, so how can matched bettors make money. Whilst it is fair to say that the techniques are slightly different, the overall mindset is not. As with Sportsbook offers, it’s all about minimising risk and stacking the deck in your favour rather than the bookmakers. To do this Heads&Heads will only select offers to place on our site where the odds are completely stacked in your favour and in most case do not require you to deposit any of your own money.

This blog is not the place to run through all the nuances of these types of offers. To cover that, Heads&Heads have written a guide and recorded a video to run you through, in detail, all the things you need to know about Casino & Bingo offers. These guides are available to free trial members as well, so you do not need to be a paying member to view this. Check out the guide by clicking here

On average, our members make £5 per offer and some of them take only minutes to complete. In short, knowing how to tackle these offers is a very profitable skill set. There are hundreds of Casino & Bingo offers on Heads&Heads. So get learning and get earning!