Apollobet moves on to greener pastures

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To those who regularly follow our blogs, you’ll know that this is nothing new. In fact, we’ve known since April that SeanieMac had closed its website in preparation for a new partnership with Apollobet. Apollobet’s severing of ties with the Boylesports network, represents the last piece of the puzzle in this Apollobet/SeanieMac joint venture.

The only problem is that, Apollobet have, historically, never been particularly efficient when it comes to customer service. How much of this is down to Boylesports rather than Apollobet is a point of contention. This, though, will not have made the email they sent out to their account holders any less alarming.

The email reads:

“Apollobet will close down its betting service with BoyleSports on the 01/11/16.

From the 01/11/16, Apollobet will no longer be powered by BoyleSports and therefore will not operate under their licences with the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, Irish betting licence or the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

For this reason, your betting account will be closed for the purpose of bet acceptance from the 01/11/16. Any accounts with an available balance will have the balance returned to their registered card at a date after closure of the site. However, to avoid delayed payments, we urge you to login to your Apollobet account at http://www.apollobet.com and withdraw any available balance prior to the closing date.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact our customer service team or email care@apollobet.com.”

Before we go any further, if you have not yet acted on the Apollobet offer on Heads&Heads, then you have no immediate action to take on this. If, however, you’ve completed the Apollobet welcome offer, Heads&Heads recommends you withdraw any funds as soon as possible. As the email mentions, any remaining funds should be sent back to your registered card regardless. Despite this, Heads&Heads thinks it best to control the transaction yourself by withdrawing the money yourself before the site closes down.

It is not clear whether Apollobet will stop taking bets from customers. The lack of information on both their website and email communications is a cause of concern for us. As a result, Heads&Heads will be removing the Apollobet offer on the 25/10/2016, until we are confident that normal service has resumed.

Having talked to a few other Matched Bettors this morning, we have all agreed that this should be seen as good news. Previously, when all these sites were under the Boylesports umbrella, being restricted by one site meant being restricted by them all. Now that the companies have separated, this could mean the slate is wiped clean for anyone previously restricted with Apollobet and SeanieMac. Good news all round!