Is Matched Betting rubbish in the summer?

This is a fairly common sentiment that is banded around, at this time of year, in the world of matched betting. So, does the summer really bring armageddon to matched betting profits or is it just yet another myth surrounding this industry? It is true that around this time of year we do have things like football leagues coming to an end – which is largely credited for sparking a general feeling of unease amongst the matched betting community. What will become of all the football offers? Where will we make our profits, the cry the masses? Now, if all the »

Cheltenham - A Matched Betting Review

2019 Heads&Heads Profit Statistics for Cheltenham Total Member Profit over the 4 days = £269,839 Average Member Profit = £557.12 Highest Profit = £2,432 So, with the dust completely settled after the madness that is the Cheltenham Festival, how exactly did matched betting fair during the most profitable week of the year? Did it live up to the hype and how much money did people really make? Well, from our perspective, Cheltenham always lives up to the hype. It is impossible to deny the sheer volume of profitable offers provided by the bookmakers during such a short period »

Bet365 in (potentially) hot water!

Now, I’ve included the bracketed word ‘potentially’ in the title, because the piece of journalism this blog is based on comes from the Daily Mail. Which, is not always known for its journalistic integrity. But based on the contents of the article and my long-standing experience with bookmakers, this does ‘seem’ like it has a ring of truth to it. Let’s first start with the story. Bet365, fresh off announcing record profits, appears to have found itself in a spot of bother at the hands of some undercover journalism. Said undercover reporter for the Daily Mail, was reportedly »

Valentine’s Day –The most expensive day of the year!

There are many quick-witted responses to “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”. Perhaps the best response I’ve ever come across was from a good friend, keeping a completely straight face while saying: “I am taking myself out on a romantic dinner, sitting at a table next to a happy couple and proceeding to cry.” So, if you are single this Valentine’s Day, feel free to take the above idea and run with it! For those of you out there who are not quite extrovert enough to pull off the above, but still approach this day with »

Fend off man with a knife…..get a £20 free bet!?

This story popped up on the 7th of January, so I am a bit late off the mark - but it is just too perfect when it comes to summing up the gambling industry, so I just had to write a small piece on it. For those not in the know, a local newspaper/website in Stoke reported on a story of a man by the name of Neil Gilson who fended off a knife wielding man in a Betfred shop. In a genuine example of reactionary bravery, Neil stood between the Betfred staff and the knife wielding man – who »