Valentine’s Day –The most expensive day of the year!

There are many quick-witted responses to “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”. Perhaps the best response I’ve ever come across was from a good friend, keeping a completely straight face while saying: “I am taking myself out on a romantic dinner, sitting at a table next to a happy couple and proceeding to cry.” So, if you are single this Valentine’s Day, feel free to take the above idea and run with it! For those of you out there who are not quite extrovert enough to pull off the above, but still approach this day with »

Fend off man with a knife…..get a £20 free bet!?

This story popped up on the 7th of January, so I am a bit late off the mark - but it is just too perfect when it comes to summing up the gambling industry, so I just had to write a small piece on it. For those not in the know, a local newspaper/website in Stoke reported on a story of a man by the name of Neil Gilson who fended off a knife wielding man in a Betfred shop. In a genuine example of reactionary bravery, Neil stood between the Betfred staff and the knife wielding man – who »

Heads&Heads in 2019!

My first blog of the year is going to be a fairly self-indulgent one. Looking at what we (Heads&Heads) plan to do in 2019, what our objectives are and predictions for the year as a whole. It goes without saying that we are looking to drastically expand our member base over the course of this year. 2018 was very much characterised by putting finishing touches on the site and customer service as a whole – there, is of course, still plenty to do. However, we feel the site is in a good place and this enables us to complete »

No more TV for the Bookies!

Well, I think we all saw this coming a mile off. The all-out assault on the bookmakers’ ability to advertise continues to ramp up. The latest hit has just been confirmed – bookmakers will now no longer advertise on UK television during pre-watershed live sport due to a self-imposed ban. The ban has been announced to come into effect in 2019. For those who don’t know (or don’t care about the watershed) the watershed in the UK is 21:00. The exact rules of the legislation are that no betting adverts will now be shown during live sport coverage »

Could Bet365’s success usher in a golden age of matched betting?

Is the title a bit over the top? Perhaps. But can you blame me? It is so rare that this blog gets to focus on a genuinely positive story for both sides of the fence and, to be honest, I can’t help but be excited for what the future could bring. For those (most of you) who do not avidly follow the rollercoaster ride that is Gambling news, you may have missed the recent announcement of the astronomical profits posted by Bet365 recently. The numbers are truly staggering and nothing does them more justice than this quote from the »